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Welcome 92 Mesh Group

A coaches film library is like a cowboy’s horse. When I saw Team XStream’s Individual Coaches Package and I talked to the TXS Team, I knew I needed that thoroughbred in my stable. I immediately asked to share it with our channel base of coaches. 

I know the TXS Video Analysis platform will not only help grow the Air Raid Community, but it will also give coaches the piece of mind to know they can move and switch jobs, but still make teaching tapes, exchange film, and analzye games without going broke. 

Coach Coltharp

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Use discount code 92MeshGroup for any TeamXStream Football Plan Purchase.

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Free Exchange

Host your Exchange on TeamXStream at no cost, and bring your entire league. 

Breakdown Tools

  • Flash ODK+ 
  • Detailed Breakdown
  • Play Analyzer
  • Intercut
  • Playbook Database (coming soon)

Sharing Tools

Create logins for all of your coaches and players so they can access games, cutups, telestrations, etc.

Individual Coach Accounts

Do you need an affordable solution for a private game library? The individual coaching account stays with you, wherever you go in your career. No more getting locked out from the games, cut-ups, and drill tapes you've worked hard to accumulate over the years. Now there's a choice in keeping your library in tact.

Bring your Own Library

We’ve made it easy to transition to TeamXStream from other providers. When you first join TeamXStream, you can bring your old video library with you.  

For an additional $200, you can have UNLIMITED uploads for the 1st month.

Applies to both Individual and Team Account packages.

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